My Story

 I discovered Scentsy when  I was contacted by my sister-in-law, who told me I needed to look into this amazing new product she had discovered -- the Scentsy Candle Warmer.  She told me that she had signed up to sell it and asked if I wanted to join her team and sell it too.  I was busy with life -- I had three young kids at home and was focused on their growth and development, but I looked at the product and was very impressed with the safety and cleanliness benefits.  Scentsy made a lot of scense as a product.  I thought about the ability to start my own business and work it around my family schedule, and that was very appealing as well.  The startup cost was surprisingly low and there was no need to carry inventory, so I decided to give it a try.As a business owner and team leader, I have been fortunate to be surrounded with other talented and amazing people that work together to help each other succeed.  We have regularly scheduled training calls and meetings to encourage each other and share knowledge to make us all more successful.  I also enjoy the one-on-one training and mentoring to help others on my team.  It is truly rewarding to watch them learn and grow and develop sucessful businesses of their own. I am a Superstar Director and have watched Scentsy grow into the amazing company that it is.  It has been a wonderful blessing in my life and I have seen it bless the lives of numerous others.  Thank you Scentsy for creating a great product line and amazing business opportunity that continues to enrich and bless my life and the lives of my friends and  family! <!--endbody-->